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PRP injections into knee

Following Platelet-Rich Platelets (PRP) treatment on his troublesome knee, Jonathan is pain-free and back exercising again

I tore a tendon in my knee while playing squash, which meant I was no longer able to exercise due to the excessive pain. I was eager to return to my normal healthy lifestyle and fitness regime as soon as possible, so I sought treatment at The Regenerative Clinic and was given Platelet-Rich Platelets (PRP) therapy in the form of a course of three injections. Prior to my treatment, it was explained to me that PRP therapy works by growth-promoting platelets taken from my blood being injected back into my knee to encourage it to heal.

Since my PRP treatment, I am very pleased to report that my knee’s condition is greatly improved, and I am now able to run and exercise again. Prior to my treatment, there was no way I could have done either of these activities or any other form of strenuous exercise.

It would be my strong advice to any patients suffering with similar injuries to seek treatment at the earliest possible opportunity and definitely to give PRP therapy a try because it worked for me and therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending it to others in the hope that they will benefit too.

Treated February 2019 – Added March 2020





PRP injections into knee

Following Platelet-Rich Platelets (PRP) treatment on his troublesome knee, Jonathan is pain-free..


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